This is beGun and I’m glad to welcome you to my home in the cloud.

I love creating melodies, this is my passion for as long as I can remember. Over the past couple of years, I have produced a few albums and worked on music composition and sound design for films, advertising campaigns and digital media. I am also publishing manager at Foehn Records, co-founder and creative director at FOH multimedia studio, radio host at Primavera Sound and cooperator in migration conflicts.

Here on this site, you will find some of the musical pieces I have composed so far, the places where I have played or will play and some contact info. I wish you a worthwhile visit.




After his worldwide acclaimed debut album ‘AMMA’ (Foehn Records, BCN), beGun presents ‘OKEANÍDES’, inspired by Ian Urbina’s book The Outlaw Ocean, out now via Synesthesia (NYC). 


Nova is the first release on Sound Earth Legacy, a multidisciplinary project in the music industry field and international cooperation, to spread climate change awareness and take action through music.


Asa Björg is one the latest beGun’s solo projects, whose debut EP ‘We/You’ has summed 2M streams since its recent release on April 2020 via Mood Music (Industria Works, LA).


“That such a conceptual statement seems completely natural for him demonstrates the expressiveness of his style and his sure-footedness as a producer. If anything, his sound now seems fully realized here. Amma is an astonishing debut LP. Those who have been following his work should find it very satisfying – yet it also makes you long to know where he’ll take his sound next (…)” 

Beverly Bryan | Remezcla, New York


“For beGun, music must tell a story, participate in a coherent speech, and this must be always a vehicle for emotion. His music is essentially cutaneous; it gets better the more it breaks through the surface and penetrates through the pores, until it filters into the listener’s blood (…)” 

Javier Blánquez | El Mundo, Madrid


“There’s a sense of atmosphere to beGun’s productions that we aren’t hearing anywhere else right now, giving the European prospect a vital place in market where the maintenance of its creative pulse is concerned (…)” 

Dan Carter | Dancing Astronaut, LA


“It’s cosmic, celebratory and sounds like little else out there (…)” 

Kiki Toao | Sinchi Collective, Amsterdam


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