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analog vs digital, choice of equipment | audio & MIDI interfaces | reference track analysis: active listening | musical tempo, rhythmic patterns, groove-pool | tonality, melodies, scales, chord progressions | drum programming, slicing audio samples, slicing midi samples | wavetable synthesis | arrangement & automation | warp basics


listening environment | building the mix from sections | audio sequencing and editing | MIDI sequencing and editing | send & return effect configuration | audio processors: EQ, dynamics, delay, reverb, noise gates, de-esser | intelligent automation, signal mapping and routing, audio recording | analog synthesizers, VST plugins, samplers, rhythm boxes


studio configuration, monitoring, speakers vs headphones, RMS vs Peak metering | mono vs stereo balance, harmonic exciters, spectrum, correlation and dithering | advanced dynamic equalization techniques, parameters and types of compression | mastering chain, analog vs digital limiters


recording contracts | management contracts | performance contracts | rights agreements | music industry structure | music publishing & synchronization | copyright law, patents, creative commons | online marketing | promotional strategies | managing creativity & entrepreneurship

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